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Re: [gcmd-dev] shopping cart = virtual folders ?

From: Micha
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] shopping cart = virtual folders ?
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 03:15:06 +0200
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Piotr Eljasiak <address@hidden>:

|         also possible to add files to vfolder in automated way using
|         filters (like in evolution)

I was looking for about such a thing some years ago, but couldn't find 
it, and decided to hack my own special backup tool which creates custom 
backups by sourcing free configurable profiles which in turn spit out
the list of dirs/files. The profiles are just sourced shell scripts;
they can contain simple plain file/dir lists, as well as any
sophisticated 'find' commands, or  any code the respective shell and
file-utils offer. In a way, the profiles are just filters which get
updated at every run. Indeed, the whole point of the backup script
itself was to provide a user interface and a silent frontend to
evaluate and check these filters, and actually do all the average backup
stuff of course. Of course i know amanda and many many others do
exactly this, and much more. I just wanted 'dynamic file filter'
profiles, not only for backup, but for any specific content, which i
want to burn (or send to the Laptop or whatever) and that content has
to be up-to-date.
If i'm going to install a Linux at a friends box, i like to have my
working system configurations for the respective distro (or maybe 
even for M$) plus my system hax. The filter can detect if a
configuration is a fresh default one, which i don't need to backup at
all, or modified by me. And also the custom README__blafoo files, 
which i use to drop in delicate places where i screwed things up,
to be able to remember what i've done some years later.... 
In another situation i may need my webwork, which includes websites but
also some /Image sections, and often i need just a special photo
section.  Well, perhaps some day i'll have my whole work online, but
until now, i don't, and also can't imagine (for security issues).
Anyway, until then, i need to 'pack my suitcase' for every travel or
visit i'm doing.

So these are typical tasks for 'dynamic filters' and i think we could
come up with many more.

|         2. presentation: like other dirs. Access via dev-toolbar

But look. If i need to drag&drop files from one pane (legacy
fiolder) into another (vfolder) then the whole 'elegance' is gone.
Put a strg+leftmouse=symlink action into the source and we're 75% 
done (and there won't be any more, as a natural law ;)
The whole point is, at least to me, to have both panes available for
legacy folder view, and add a file or selection just be rightclick.

|         3. operation: all standard file operations F3..F8, etc. User
|         defined actions (eg. burning) accessible via plugins.

Yes i really think it's time to think about plugins now, seriously... 
perhaps gcmd can offer the basic vfolder capacity (the window
as Magnus suggested, and the gcmd file operations), but they 
really will fly with plugins accessing them in many
different intelliggent and creative ways ?

Does gnome-vfs offer vfolder feautures?
Which brings me back to my notorious point, will plugins
have access to gcmd features beyound gnome-vfs...
i think i will start a seperate thread on that, anytime...


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