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[gcmd-dev] shopping cart = virtual folders ?

From: Micha
Subject: [gcmd-dev] shopping cart = virtual folders ?
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 20:09:50 +0200
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How did you do that piece of magic ?
(Looks like you even hacked the source ;)

I just realize this is something i would consider to
call not just a 'shoppingcart'...it's more a catalog organizer,
like in gthumb: You can crate a bibliothek (folder) with catalogs
(folders, actually: also Katalog in swedish, right ?) with collections
of links to files.

Disadvantage of the gthumb thing:
It works only for images (AFAIKS) and you can apply only very few
actions to a collection / selection. No advanced renaming, for example :)
Personally, i found the naming (catalogs) confusing at the beginning,
since i couldn't figure out iof they mean symlinks, hardlinks, or copies.
Als, since i store my images sorted after locations and classes, i didn't 
feel a need for such virtual catalogs. 
Later, there was the point when i started to create thematic folders with
web-working material, like 'flowers' or 'animals', with collections of symlinks 
to the 'real files'.  Now i realize this is exactly what gthumb is about.
And now it seems to me, you're thinking into this direction, too.

Although this is the simple one-folder thing which i had in mind when i 
said 'shopping cart', it's straightforward extended....perhaps it should have 
another title, how about 'vfolders' for virtual folders ? 
Because, usually you need only one cart, in a shop.


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