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Re: [gcmd-dev] Re: Internal Viewer Features

From: A. Gordon
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] Re: Internal Viewer Features
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 10:27:26 +0300
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Micha wrote:
patch apllied to 1.2.1

(btw. do i need to run 'autogen.sh' again, after patching ?)
Yes, because the patch changes the "Makefile.am" files (And "autogen.sh" needs to be run to re-generate the real "Makefile"s). If a patch only changes actual code in source files, there's probably no need to run "autogen.sh", only "make". But if a patch adds new files, or change header inclusion in source files, then "autogen.sh" should be used.
The featrue is even useful for images.
(What happens if i search in image view-mode?)
Hmm... for now, the search dialog will appear (this can be considered a bug) - this is because the whole "Window" object handles CTRL+F3, instead of the Text-Render object. I guess it will search the content of the image file, just like it was a regular binary file. Nothing would appear on the screen if the text is found, but if you switch to text/hex mode, the marker will appear.
is this header only generated by mcview, or is it part of the picture itself ?

I don't know... there could be strings embedded in the binary image file, it is part of GIF and JPG standards.
Clicking into one of the fields (text or hex) should automatically
focus that input field.

I think it does so (at least the code contains the function calls to set the focus), but I'll check it again. Anyway, having two Text-Entry-Boxes (one for text, one for hex) is wrong - There should be only one text-entry-box, and text/hex (and regular expression in the future ?) will be a radio button list below it.

And perhaps the search dialog should not disappear automatically ?

Not sure I understood that - the search dialog closes when the user enters the text and clicks the "FIND" button. Where's the "automatically" part?

Anyway, great thingy.


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