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[gcmd-dev] Re: Internal Viewer Features

From: Micha
Subject: [gcmd-dev] Re: Internal Viewer Features
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 02:29:43 +0200
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| "xsltproc", "libxml2-utils 

In unstable (and probably in stable too), yelp depends on gnome-utils 
which in turn depends on { xsltproc, libxml2-utils }.

| With this patch (against either 1.2.1 or 1.3), you can search for text 
| and hex, both forward and backward.

Great feature !

patch apllied to 1.2.1

(btw. do i need to run 'autogen.sh' again, after patching ?)

The featrue is even useful for images.
(What happens if i search in image view-mode?)

I remember some years ago i stumbled over special crafted GIFs with 
some (at this point to my viewer unknown) string headers.
And apps like photoshop use to clutter some (or all?) kind of images with 
lots of internal infomation, including doument version and author infos.

I note that text or hex view of a JPG does not contain the top header 
strings which i can see with mcview (hex), like filename, Type, and pixel 
format...is this header only generated by mcview, or is it part of the picture 
itself ?

Clicking into one of the fields (text or hex) should automatically
focus that input field.

And perhaps the search dialog should not disappear automatically ?

Anyway, great thingy.

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