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Re: [gcmd-dev] internal viewer features

From: Magnus Stålnacke
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] internal viewer features
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 18:16:02 +0200
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Micha wrote:
| if multiple selection made = only fw/bw in the selection.

How about this: F3 on a multiple selection opens the all selected files at once. In this case, Space/shift space toggles between the opened windows only. This would allow for fast comapring of say 2 or 3 pictures, without the tedious window-side-by-side placing.

Imagine this:
A dir comaprison (shift+F2), then F3.. oops 68 files.
That is a lot of windows to close down.. a user making
that misstake (it will happen if it is possible), will
do a lot of foul language behind the screen (could be
fun to watch at distance though ;-)

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