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[Xlog-discussion] Import from Logger32.adi

From: JACrux
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Import from Logger32.adi
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 07:15:39 +0100
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Thanks for the advice regarding the six digit time format used in the ADIF 
file exported from Logger32.  I cannot find any way to make Logger32 export 
exactly what is used in the Logger32 TIME columns - it always exports 6 
digits even if you select the "2359" time display format.  
So I edited the entire 22000 QSO ADIF file with WordPad, replacing TIME_ON:6 
by TIME_ON:4. Then I replaced TIME_OFF:6 by TIME_OFF:4. It took quite a long 
time ...... but now xlog reads the ADIF file and displays the 4 digit time. 
Updating the log will be easier; I need only edit the new QSO data exported 
from Logger32 before merging the logs.
I don't think this is a UTF8 problem. At present, Logger32 cannot be set up to 
adjust the exported TIME column width to reflect the time format selected by 
the user.

Now I suggest that xlog (perhaps only for me !) would look nicer if GMTEND can 
be changed to OFF, so the column width is the same as GMT ..... maybe not 
good for everyone. Note: here in UK we are supposed to log QSO end time. 
Also, can the UNKNOWN entries be customised (or even left out) ??

Yes, the UTF8 problem that causes that black callsign column is still there. I 
need to find out how to fix it and I have not much idea where to start. 
Maybe I need a brain import ?
73 John G3JAG  

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