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Re: [Xlog-discussion] Importing ADIF log from Logger32

From: Joop Stakenborg
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] Importing ADIF log from Logger32
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 08:58:41 +0200 (CEST)
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> xlog compiles just fine under SuSE 9.3. But when I import 22000 qsos from
> Logger32 (Windows 2000), via the ADIF exported file, I get two very
> obvious
> problems.

Importing large logs is okay, but I would recommend splitting them into
smaller chunks (by year or so), which will mean that xlog will become more
resposive. Any program using file input and output with large amounts of
data will slow down, unless the programmer takes special measures.

> 1. When I run as root  and import the ADIF file, I get messages about a
> problem with converting from UTF8 format. I have no idea how to fix this.
> My
> SuSE language settings are the default ones, as far as I know. Windows
> 2000
> runs with default settings, but I'm not sure about Logger32.

Why import the log as root? It is completely unnecessary. In doing so, you
will also lose the language settings which you have as a user.
The UTF8 errors can be seen when starting xlog from a console. You might
be able to fix them by hand. It often occurs when language setting are
wrong and special accented characters are used.

> 2. Running as a normal user, the entire 22000 entry callsign column is
> completely black, until I click on a callsign. Then (and only because I
> changed the colour scheme)  I see the callsign. Its white on blue since I
> changed the colour scheme. (The whole entry line shows up as white on
> blue)

This is a SUSE problem, some error in the theming. You can disable
colorization of the log in the first page of the preferences dialog.

> 3. If I run as root in a terminal window and load the same ADIF file from
> Logger32 under Windows,  I do see all the callsigns as white on a black
> background. The whole callsign column is black; all other columns are OK,
> altho I have to adjust some of the column widths - see 4 below.
> 4. ALL imported GMT entries are six digits long. 2345 becomes 234500. The
> Logger32 setup is for just 2345 and I have checked it.  I tried the 23:45
> format as well as the 2345 format. It makes no difference. The times are
> always extended to six digits.
> The programme looks good, but any help would be appreciated.

First impressions are very helpful. It will help me in improving xlog.
Thanks for that!

> 73  John  G3JAG

Joop PG4I

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