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[Uisp-dev] Programming ATmega323 with AVR-ISP

From: Erik Walthinsen
Subject: [Uisp-dev] Programming ATmega323 with AVR-ISP
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 20:48:46 -0700 (PDT)

I'm trying to get my Linux-only development environment working for AVR
stuff (took long enough to get something going for the PIC, I was hoping
this wouldn't be as hard), using an ATmega323 and Atmel's AVR-ISP device
(the $30 one: http://www.atmel.com/atmel/acrobat/doc2492.pdf).

I have the latest CVS of uisp, but when I try to program the chip, nothing

address@hidden AVR]$ uisp -dprog=dasa -dpart=atmega323 --wr_fuse_l=0xe4
Atmel AVR ATmega323 is found.

Fuse Low Byte set to 0xe4
address@hidden AVR]$ uisp -dprog=dasa -dpart=atmega323 --rd_fuses
Atmel AVR ATmega323 is found.

Fuse Low Byte      = 0x00
Fuse High Byte     = 0x00
Fuse Extended Byte = 0xff
Calibration Byte   = 0x00  --  Read Only
Lock Bits          = 0x00
    BLB12 -> 0
    BLB11 -> 0
    BLB02 -> 0
    BLB01 -> 0
      LB2 -> 0
      LB1 -> 0

Similar results for programming .hex files, with nothing happening and
verification failing on every single byte (0x00 claimed in flash).

Programming the same basic test code into the chip via AVR Studio 4.05
works perfectly, with the appropriate LEDs lighting up as per the asm

Now, a significant problem here is that if I completely disconnect the
serial cable from the AVR-ISP, I get identical behavior.  This indicates
that uisp isn't actually doing anything.  strace confirms that -dprog=dasa
does not open the serial port at all.  -dprog=stk500 opens the port and
actually appears to communicate with it (claims not responding when
disconnected), but also claims to need STK500 version 1.7 or better.
Since this is an AVR-ISP with something like v1.2, that's a problem.

How am I supposed to get this setup to work?


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