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Re: [STUMP] Release engineering

From: Julian Stecklina
Subject: Re: [STUMP] Release engineering
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 15:32:11 +0200
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Lionel Flandrin <address@hidden> writes:

> On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 02:03:35PM +0200, Julian Stecklina wrote:
>> On a related matter: What about an 1.0 release in the mid-term future?
>> What would be _your_ wishlist for StumpWM 1.0?
>  For one: finish the "float" groups. It's really in alpha state right
> now. I don't use them myself but it's already halfway there and it's a
> good proof of concept for the new group "abstraction" layer which
> would make it possible to use different management modes for each
> group.

True. Float groups are useful at times. Personally, I think most of the
time using float groups can be avoided by nice placement rules, but then
I am too lazy to generate placement rules...

>  An other feature often asked for on IRC is the ability to have
> independent groups per head and not only per screen.

I have had the very same discussion with Shawn on IRC, too. My personal
problem with the current model is that one cannot create a frame that
spans across two outputs. If I remember correctly, the result of the
discussion was that multihead support is a hard problem for a tiling
window manager and if someone wants to fundamentally change the way it
works, he should hack it himself. ;)

Julian Stecklina

The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck is probably the day
they start making vacuum cleaners - Ernst Jan Plugge

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