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RE: [RP] what about... (features)

From: Casey Allen Shobe
Subject: RE: [RP] what about... (features)
Date: Thu Apr 24 06:23:14 2003

> I can see that there is two focuses involved: the one following
> the mouse and the one following the keyboard.

Only one window is ever focused - but it's quite possible to interact with a
non-focused window, especially with the mouse.  If you have a traditional wm
and configure it to not autofocus on click (and not autoraise, which is
separate, and of course not applicable to ratpoison), you'll find that it
works exactly like ratpoison.

What I see people asking for is autofocus on click.  I don't like anything
but alt-tab (or equivalent hotkey) to change my focus.

> In most wm they go along. Maybe in rp it should be the keyboard that
> wag the rat, I wouldn't mind. But, one of the things I like the rodent
> for is it's cutting hability (I usually do the pasting with S+Insert)
> and this works very well the way things are.

It's quite nice to copy from one frame, and use the keyboard to paste into
another, without having to click the window where you want to paste - this
is a great benefit of NOT autofocusing on click.

> so I think this should be made configurable, as was proposed by John
> Meacham.

A configurable option would be the only acceptable way to add such
functionality, but I don't think it's necessary in a lightweight wm that's
designed specifically to not use the mouse.  There's 50 other window
managers out there - chances are one of them would suit your desires better
(ion comes to mind, or pwm).

> Or the focus
> follow the mouse (with two options, sloppy or on click) or the
> focus follows the keyboard and make the mouse useless in every other
> frame than the current one.

Eww, I really don't like the idea of making the mouse useless in
nonfocused windows - amongst the many other reasons for not doing so,
NO other window manager does that, and I'm not even sure if it's
possible without hacking X.

> While we are on the subject of features, anybody working on history
> in those input window? readline support might do just that and more.

Now this I like.  Yes, please!  Maybe a --with-readline[=PATH] option
to the configure script?

Another feature I can think of for minimal mouse support would be to
be able to paste from X into the input-window of ratpoison. It would
be good in the shell input window too, but this one might be better
off handled by an external program like run-free or similar.

Is there any mouse support in rp? not that I can think of...
If it is the case, maybe it should stay that way cause it's
clean and clearly defined as a limit for it's development.

Maybe that's what you meant by can of worm...

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