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[RP] Re: what about... (features)

From: Michael Livshin
Subject: [RP] Re: what about... (features)
Date: Tue Apr 29 11:01:05 2003
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Doug Kearns <address@hidden> writes:

> On Tue, Apr 29, 2003 at 06:59:11PM +1000, twb wrote:
>> Another idea I toyed with for a while (not under RP, tho) was to use
>> an xterm / xvt instead of a WM-internal ]sh -c[ input
>>      that is,  run xterm -geom  100x1+700+0 or whatever,  and don't
>>      include it in the window  list -- use it modally (can't change
>>      focus until xterm dies).
>> , so you automatically get all the xterm & bash functionality.
> So have I, but I never got around to finishing it off. I'm thinking of
> writing a nice zsh completion function for RP and that'll probably
> provide the required impetus.

while folks are thinking in this direction, how about writing a
simple (in theory, at least) Emacs <-> ratpoison glue, so that you'd
have a dedicated Emacs instance running all the time, unmapped, and
pop up a special minibuffer-only (or not) frame for RP command input.


. no need to spawn a whole new xterm process for each command

. possibility of using the nice Emacs interface features, like a
  completion buffer with all the active windows (just an example).


. well, it's more work.

. writing something simple but at the same time accomodating all the
  different Emacs versions out there may prove tricky.

Business thrives on inefficiency.  Inefficiency makes jobs.  Don't try
to defend technical superiority by showing how many jobs it can make
because that's practically an proof that you're wrong.
                                     -- Kent Pitman, in comp.lang.lisp

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