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Re: [RP] what about... (features)

From: Casey Allen Shobe
Subject: Re: [RP] what about... (features)
Date: Wed Apr 23 22:43:14 2003

> just make it configurable, I sometimes like to mouse around in one frame
> ( like a web browser) while still keeping keyboard input focus on
> another screen, like a vi session. however, this may not be always
> possible with buggy/odd applications.


This is how my desktop normally looks - I generally do everything in the 
consoles, where I only use the mouse on occasion when I want to copy and 
paste.  More often though, I keep the mouse over the next button on XMMS 
(well, now I'm using Noatun, but same concept), and click it for the next 
random song whenever something I'm not in the mood comes on, while keeping 
my keyboard focus in the console.

Also, because of the keyrelease problem with Xnest/rdesktop, I especially 
do not want to lose keyboard focus on the Windows window shown at the below 
link when changing music.  Mouse focusing might alleviate the problem, but 
it would be an extra pain, and for all I know, Xnest/rdesktop might see the 
mousebutton press but fail to see the release as it does with the 


- Casey

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