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Re[6]: [Nel] Enabling Water Pools in Client

From: Robert Bjarnason
Subject: Re[6]: [Nel] Enabling Water Pools in Client
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 13:16:37 -0800

Hi Loic,

LD>         Could you please commit the corresponding changes to the
LD> :pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/bang CVS tree so that we can
LD> try them ?

Nicolas at Nevrax made those changes and they were committed to
the Nevrax CVS tree yesterday.

The demo app I'm using to load the Water Pools has a minor
addition that has to do with enabling the WaterPoolManager.
I will upload that code tree to our new development server
at in the next
few days. We decided to leave SourceForge because of the
recent changes in there hosting licence.

Warm regards,
Robert Bjarnason

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