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Re[2]: [Nel] Enabling Water Pools in Client

From: Robert Bjarnason
Subject: Re[2]: [Nel] Enabling Water Pools in Client
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 12:05:45 -0800

Hi Nicolas,

NV> Well, for now, you have to create a water pool the way the object viewer 
NV> since it isn't exposed by the user interface for now.

I might be missing something in this process of creating
the water pool the way the object viewer does it...

NV> - Export the shapes and the instance groups.

After making my pool look really good in Object Viewer
I export the shapes and the instance group.

NV> Then you load it in the client, the way you did, and it should work :

Then I use this code to load the ig:

UInstanceGroup  *waterIg = 

WaterPoolManager = &NL3D::GetWaterPoolManager();
NL3D::CWaterPoolManager::CWaterHeightMapBuild whmb;
whmb.ID   = 0;
<-cut whmb setup->
nlinfo("Nr of waterpools %d nr.",WaterPoolManager->getNumPools());
WaterPoolManager->setBlendFactor(dynamic_cast<IDriver*> (Driver), 0.1f);

NV> If this doesn't work, you could also check wether the shapes are found.

The WaterShape is added to the scene I confirmed that
with debug code.

But this method in CWaterModel is never
called: void CWaterModel::registerBasic()

This leads me to belive that there is something that I'm
missing in the setup of the Driver, can this be the case?


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