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[Nel] Enabling Water Pools in Client

From: Robert Bjarnason
Subject: [Nel] Enabling Water Pools in Client
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 03:58:49 -0800


I've been trying to get a Water Pool to work
in a client app that is based on the Snowballs
client.  I've spent a lot of time trying to
figure this out, my pool works fine in the
object viewer, but not when I load it into
the client along with the WaveMaker shape.

One thing I noticed is that CWaterModel::registerBasic()
is not called, I tried adding CScene::registerBasics ();
and then the CWaterModel is registered... But
no pool appears...

Is it possible to enable the Water Pools using
the UDriver concept or should I set up my Driver
more like the ObjectViewer does it?

Here is how I create the WaterPoolManager after
and Instance Group with a WaterShape and WaveMakerShape
has been loaded and added to the Scene:

WaterPoolManager = &NL3D::GetWaterPoolManager();

NL3D::CWaterPoolManager::CWaterHeightMapBuild whmb;
whmb.ID   = 0;
whmb.Name = "Water01";
whmb.Size = 256;
whmb.FilterWeight = 3.0f;
whmb.UnitSize = 0.3f;
whmb.WavesEnabled = true;
whmb.WaveIntensity = 1.5f;
whmb.WavePeriod = 0.05f;
whmb.WaveRadius = 3;
whmb.BorderWaves = true;
whmb.Damping = 0.99f;

WaterPoolManager->setBlendFactor(dynamic_cast<IDriver*> (Driver), 0.1f);

Any hints would be appreciated...

Robert Bjarnason

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