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Re: Re[4]: [Nel] Enabling Water Pools in Client

From: Loic Dachary
Subject: Re: Re[4]: [Nel] Enabling Water Pools in Client
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 09:37:37 +0100

Robert Bjarnason writes:
 > Hi Nicolas,
 > NV> That seems to be a bug : I was able to reproduce that in release build. 
 > It
 > NV> comes from the ordering of transparent objects. I found that a bitfield 
 > in a
 > NV> COrderingLayeredTable was not working correctly with Visual C++ in 
 > release
 > NV> build only (in the begin() method). Tracing it showed that it may be a
 > NV> compiler bug. I split it in several fields and it solved the problem. The
 > NV> fix will be available on the CVS.
 > NV> If this doesn't solve your problem, could you report it ?
 > It did solve my problem, thank you very much.
 > I had also tried running it in ReleaseDebug and
 > it had the same behavior there but works fine in
 > both now.


        Could you please commit the corresponding changes to the
:pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/bang CVS tree so that we can
try them ?

        Thanks in advance,

Loic   Dachary  address@hidden
12 bd  Magenta      address@hidden
75010    Paris         T: 33 1 42 45 07 97          address@hidden
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