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Re: [Linphone-developers] bug tracker

From: Test Sv
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] bug tracker
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2015 01:59:05 -0800


I find the email from Anton Pomozov is very disappointing and concerning. The 
email is nothing more than excuses and lip service.

He is trying to make sound that they received hundreds or thousands of emails 
every day, and they need such a sophisticated and expensive system to manage 
all of that info, while in reality, it is only one or few emails every day 
(based on what I receive).

While many developers (including myself) are welling and able to help the 
project in different ways, his response is: if you think you can do a better 
job,, start your own fork and project yourself, instead of welcoming new 
contributors to the projects as part of the team, as typical of the open source 
community. I wonder if he will answer by saying that small team is easier to 

He is trying to give the impression that they do such a huge amount of work, 
while in reality, they have not done any meaningful contribution to the project 
for almost two years, and do not answer almost any of the emails thay get.

The project team is very secretive and closed in a very unusual way. There is 
no openness or transparency of any kind, and do not welcome any outsiders. This 
is completely against everything that the open source comunity represents.

He raised the issue of if someone has enough money, he can start his own fork 
and project which raised another issue if the project team is working full time 
on the project, and where they are getting their financial support?, if it is 
their money, or from other sources?. However, once again the team is very 
closed and secretive and do not welcome any outsiders?.

For the record, I noticed in the last few years that number of so called open 
source project that operate in a similar fashion is increasing. There are even 
few open source projects that do not disclose their source code?, so much for 
the open source?.

Finally, I agree with the comment by another developer that linphone software 
is a nice piece of software (but with many issues), and that is why they like 
to support it, NOT to beak away?.


On Mon, 1/12/15, Anton Pomozov <address@hidden> wrote:

 Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] bug tracker
 To: address@hidden
 Date: Monday, January 12, 2015, 5:16 AM
 It is not as simple as
 someone may imagine.
 "Just create
 bug-tracker" is a one small step at a long long yellow
 brick road.
 In addition to
 the public bug-tracker you still need CVS, automatic build
 and deploy system, CI and test servers.
 of them should be tight integrate to minimize efforts of
 developers to integrate patches and apply changes.
 To "simple apply patch" you should
 have big number of test cases of all kinds - unit,
 functionality, regress, integrate.
 You also
 should have wide and enough smart workflow for fixing issue,
 apply patch, develop new branch with new functionality or
 bug fixing in release branches.
 should support documentation for all this stuff and for
 projects API, user stories, etc.
 Does anyone of you have enough time, money and
 knowledge to build whole infrastructure for that project?
 If you can do all this stuff and keep it
 opensource and free (at least for non commercial use) just
 fork a current project and go ahead!
 Everyone of us will say thank you very much!
 Through some kind of magic
 this project still alive and it is good enough to use it for
 our purposes, and many thanks to the maintainers for
 > 12 янв. 2015
 г., в 11:57, Henrik Pauli <address@hidden>
 > I have a *patch* that's been regularly
 ignored for 3 years :)
 > On 11/01/15 23:54, Liviu Andronic
 >> On Sun, Jan 11, 2015 at
 11:04 PM, Peter Villeneuve <address@hidden>
 >>> I don't think so.
 >>> I have the exact same problem. I
 posted a bug about the Samsung Notes 2 and
 >>> 3 here but never got any replies.
 I also noticed another user posted a
 >>> similar bug here months ago and he
 was also ignored (and the bug continues).
 >> I'd
 like to add my voice to this. Often I hesitate whether it is
 >> my effort reporting this or
 that annoying bug that makes Linphone
 >> unusable, simply because most of the
 times my reports on the ML get
 unnoticed, or at the very least don't get any replies.
 From the users'
 >> perspective,
 incredibly frustrating, as it's no fun when your
 >> are almost surely going to
 waste. And this most certainly dampens many
 >> users' enthusiasm to help Linphone
 devels track down issues with their
 open-source software...
 >> So yeah, a real bug tracker would be
 so much nicer. As would be more
 interaction from Linphone devels. Knowing that a bug was
 heard, that
 >> it was discussed, and
 that it was decided to wontfix or to fix (and
 >> that there is an approximate time
 frame, say, before the end of next
 year) is most satisfying for your users...
 >> Perhaps
 Linphone needs a dedicated community organizer, or
 Best regards,
 >> Liviu
 >>> In fact, if you look through the
 archives, you'll notice most bug reports
 >>> never get any replies.
 >>> Not the most organized open source
 project I've seen...
 >>> On Sun, Jan 11, 2015 at 9:30 PM,
 Eric Toombs <address@hidden>
 >>>> Does linphone have a
 /real/ bug tracker? I posted a couple bugs on this
 >>>> mailing list a year ago or so,
 and they were just buried, which is what
 >>>> usually happens on a mailing
 >>>> Linphone-developers mailing
 >>>> address@hidden
 >>> Linphone-developers mailing
 >>> address@hidden
 > Linphone-developers mailing list
 > address@hidden
 Linphone-developers mailing list

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