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Re: ‘Reply’ vs ‘followup’

From: Rafi Khan
Subject: Re: ‘Reply’ vs ‘followup’
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2020 19:51:15 -0400
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Thank you for the thorough explanation. It has been very helpful.
> Then you have to mark newsgroups that are really mailing lists first.  You 
> can do that on one by one basis by setting ‘to-list’ parameter on them — Iʼve 
> already explained how to do that [1], but really you want to mark all 
> mail-to-news groups at once:
>       (setq gnus-mailing-list-groups
>             (rx bol (opt "nntp" (1+ nonl) ":") (or "gmane."
>                                                    "linux."
>                                                    "mozilla.")))
> Now you can use ‘f’ / ‘F’ instead of ‘S w’ / ‘S W’ just as intended.

Perfect, I've added those lines to my configuration. I think it is working 
properly now.


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