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Re: Test email

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: Test email
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2020 11:17:10 +0300
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Rafi Khan <> wrote:
> I am new to gnus and mailing lists and have just setup Emacs with GNUS and my 
> email account.


> This is just a test email so that I can confirm things are setup as intended.

You are posting via Gmane, are not you?  Thatʼs sort of fine for that list (and 
any list on (non), but not for every one on the Net.  Posting in a 
normal way — by mailing to a list address (here: via 
your mailserver ( in your case) is generally more reliable.

> Further, is there a guide I can read to learn more about how to use mailing 
> lists?

Lots of such guides were accumulated over the Net for decades, but I do not 
know any, thatʼs worth reading.  They commonly contain not very relevant info, 
that overwhelm the newcomer, often — local-specific and outdated info, and 
sometimes — simply bullshit.

Basically, there is nothing to explain: mailing lists are supposed to be 
naturally familiar for anyone who is familiar with mail, that is simply to 
anyone.  And despite all the joint efforts of some list-hosters, mail useragent 
designers and individuals to derail it, they are mostly indeed are.

The only mistake UI designers succeeded to teach users, though, is to to 
command ‘Reply to sender only’ instead of ‘Reply to all’, which is of course is 
not what you want while discussing things publicly.  Yet in too many MUAs the 
latter in too concealed.  Gnus, of course, is not one those, so you are safe 

> There's a lot of terminology in the gnus documentation ‹…› Some of this can 
> be inferred from the documentation and context, but others are not so clear 
> to me.

Feel free to ask.

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