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Re: Get list address for Gmane group (was: Test email)

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: Get list address for Gmane group (was: Test email)
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2020 07:26:37 +0300
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Rafi Khan <> wrote:
> Dmitry Alexandrov <> writes:
>> Posting in a normal way — by mailing to a list address (here: 
>> via your mailserver ( in your 
>> case) is generally more reliable.
> Is there a way for me to get the mailing list address for a gmane news group 
> from inside gnus

Yes, but itʼs not implemented.  So try that instead: navigate to some message, 
that was posted there and only there (no crossposts) and command A M (M-x 
gnus-mailing-list-insinuate) — Gnus will try to populate ‘list-to’ group 
parameter from ‘List-Post’ header.

> so I can compose directly that way?

If there is no ‘List-Post’ header, there is still nothing hard in guessing it 
from ‘To’ / ‘Cc’ headers, so:

        (setq gnus-add-to-list t)

and copy-paste it for the first time manually [1].

[1] (info "(gnus) Group Parameters").

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