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Re: grub fails to boot, prints only a single dot

From: Alex Regan
Subject: Re: grub fails to boot, prints only a single dot
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2015 12:19:49 -0400
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How do I capture that output?

I'm afraid only by making a photo of screen where it stops.

Okay, I will try and do this.

For a test you could split /boot and leave it on physical disk just to
check whether GRUB can boot in this case (I expect it can). This could
give you workaround - you still can manually copy kernels and updatre
grub on second disk.

Okay, do you mean to mount one of the RAID1 members to /boot directly and run grub2-install, correct?

Or copy the contents of /boot, format an individual partition, mount it on /boot, copy the data back, and run grub2-install?

Well, it just reads from CD and then Linux kernel takes over. My
suspect was BIOS where proram attempts to scan for/access drives.

The BIOS does show all four disks in the "Boot" menu as being an option. If I remove the two new disks, it does then boot properly without doing anything else.

BTW do you have /sys/firmware/edd directory (from memory, could be
different) or something related to EDD in dmesg log?

No, I don't see any reference to EDD in /sys or in the boot logs.


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