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Re: grub fails to boot, prints only a single dot

From: Alex Regan
Subject: Re: grub fails to boot, prints only a single dot
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2015 13:47:58 -0400
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Okay, so I can do this for each of the two partitions, then run
grub2-install on both drives, correct?

Yes. I would reduce existing md0 first and install on drive removed
from it leaving md0 intact. It makes it easy to rebuild it.

So --remove one of the two devices?

This way, if the first drive fails, I can configure the BIOS to boot
using the second drive, correct?

More or less. You would need to reconfigure BIOS even with MD RAID in
place. The only problem would be /boot in /etc/fstab, but I'm not sure
if /boot even needs to be mounted for normal operation.

Ugh. I didn't expect that. So does it make sense to even have /boot on RAID1?

I thought the BIOS would detect the failed disk then move to the next one and retry?

Really appreciate you going through this with me.


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