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Re: grub fails to boot, prints only a single dot

From: Alex Regan
Subject: Re: grub fails to boot, prints only a single dot
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2015 10:54:48 -0400
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Looks good (for each of four disks).

Except that it did not show grub.cfg, but that is script problem;
something to look at.

Okay, I've attached the grub.cfg as well.

Could you run grub2-install using additional parameters

--debug --debug-image=all

and send me output of grub2-install? debug-image will enable debugging
for loaded grub image so you hopefully will get a lot of output; it
may give some hint where it stops.

Okay, I'm attaching it here.

Well, it still looks good but you have a bit dated grub2 (still with
shell scripts). Did you try to boot it?

You mean after running it with the debug options you provided? Is that really going to make a difference? Or should I see something else printed during boot with these options?

The system is at the colo about 25 miles away, and is currently booted using a sysrescue CDROM with the "boot from existing system" option. Rebooting it remotely would cause it to not be able to boot unless it works.


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