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Re: Emacs i18n

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Emacs i18n
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 15:51:38 +0200
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Jean Louis wrote:

> What means international? Is it for all countries or just
> few countries?

OK, clarification of terminology, there is one HUGE and
totally dominating Computer World *language*, which is
English. There are a couple of miniature - not worlds - but
national fragments, note that these fragment's sizes are
absolutely not proportional to the sizes of their language
groups in general on the planet Earth, so while English is big
internationally in general among other big and small groups,
in the computer world in particular English outclasses
everyone else completely, even if we would put all the
fragments together, i.e. "English vs. The Rest of the World",
that's a no contest in terms of technology in general and
computers in particular, it _is_ English. Deal with it...

You can verify this yourself, the LKML (Linux Kernel Mailing
List) often has 10 000+ messages in _a single week_. (Linux,
written by a Finish guy who speaks Finnish and Swedish and
English and now lives in the US, who did it as a CS student
with the help a bunch of convenient tools from the GNU project
which happens to be American, doing the all-American Unix
again, with a graphic system from MIT...

OK, that said, let the number talk: 10 000 posts/1 week

So let's examine the "alternative world" theory, which I know
is false but whatever... let's go nuts, please you guys
present the corresponding Linux kernel development mailing
lists in whatever native language anyone feels like pushing
for, and how many posts they have every week in average and
what is their influence on Linux compared to LKML one might
wonder wonder?

Now I sound mean, maybe disrespectful, but actual this
doesn't mean - and it isn't like that! - that the
US/English/etc takes the whole cred for Linux, just because
they - AND EVERYONE ELSE - use their language, on the contrary
the French, German, Russian guys etc are ALSO on the LKML and
that is BTW numerically speaking part of the reason (a good
reason, don't change that whatever you do) why the non-English
computer fragments are so small. You think the US guys can
muster 10 000 in a week all by themselves? No.

Even in the 90s, if you remember IRC or USENET back then, the
national and language-specific dimension was 1000 times more
present (OK, that number I just made up), now it is all
English, English, English... Please deal it.

PS. Programming languages in different languages BTW is many
    times more crazy than translation of books, which at least
    has the form of a rational activity and in many eras and
    circumstances and field were or mighty well could have
    been, just here and now isn't, or arguably isn't anyway;
    programming languages in different languages (the same
    language? A Swedish Lisp, anyone? sw-lisp? SL? OK, let's
    go here

    ööö ... vaf ?

      (punkt-symbolnotation ... ?)
      (om tillstånd (emellertid ...


Have you lost it? :)

Hahaha :) (I laugh at the mere thought which is just bizarre.)


underground experts united

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