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Re: Emacs i18n

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Emacs i18n
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 13:49:03 +0200
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Christopher Dimech wrote:

> People in Taiwan are chinese who rejected the intrusion of
> the chinese communist party, which trampled chinese culture
> with brutal communist ideology.

Well, yeah, it was an extremely bloody revolution and
decade-long civil war that laid waste to the country, the
loosing Nationalist side escaped to Taiwan because they lost,
since then the mainland China Communist regime has been
claiming they want Taiwan back but actually they are happy
that ROC brings money and expertise to the Chinese people that
actually benefits them as well, indirectly and thru various
mazes, but in time yes and they know it; and they are also
happy to have a remote enemy (which is protected by the US) so
they can drum up nationalism and spend money on their
so-called People's Liberation Army (well, "once" perhaps is
the word, again depending on who you ask). This army actually
beat the US at least to some extent in the Korean War (mainly
because of a huge advantage in numbers, which is nothing to be
ashamed of BTW, on the contrary it is an excellent way of
winning wars that almost _never_ fails) - well, anyway they
partly beat the US and _in the 50s_ at that, that was as you
know the US time in world history if ever there was one, and
you don't do that without popular support - anyway now the
Communist ideology and society have left many traces thruout
Chinese society but that's it, on the whole it's just another
form of capitalism or market economy competition between
people and companies and various groups within the ruling
burocratic superstructure (well, they have a tradition of that
so maybe its their way, heck do I know, remember that in
Imperial China the elite DIDN'T rule as one may think, instead
ruling was done by a super-educated bureaucracy), it isn't
like anywhere else exactly, their own brand of it, but still.
Taiwan was once the workshop of the world, then that position
went on to China and Taiwan moved on to the most advanced
stuff, like instead of doing combination wrenches (spanners)
they did torque wrenches, and of course inevitably China will
travel the same path and they already do all kinds of advanced
consumer goods (e.g., my supposedly/actually (?) Japanese
power tools from Ryobi [pronounced "ióbi"] and Hitachi
["stási"] and Casio ["cásio"] wrist watch, all that made in
the RRC since forever, almost), and they are also innovative,
not on the "old Asia", Europe, or US level per capita but in
absolute numbers they are more than competitive, the only area
where China isn't a superpower is actually, surprisingly, the
military one, where they are out-scooped by both the US and
Russia - contrast this to Russia who is a superpower in one
and only one sense - the awesome and enormous might of its
military establishment: the army (undisputed #1 in the world),
the navy, the air force - including not the least the defense
industry, basically the only Russian smash hit (no pun
intended) on the international market save for natural
resources that is good by all means but it makes them
a regional power perhaps, certainly not a superpower from that
alone, and to be honest their skills on the individual, human
level - yeah, it is a poor state, they shouldn't stay at that
level with all the human talent they have in such a huge

So step one for Russia and China to step up their game



you guessed it, inprove their English skills, in particular
among the educated or to-be educated youth and young adults.

underground experts united

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