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Re: Emacs i18n

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Emacs i18n
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 15:20:47 +0200
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Christopher Dimech wrote:

> Tho russian realised that long ago after they began
> publishing their books about their tortured tales of human
> suffering in tho western world. It made many people warm
> their heart and fall in love with Russian literature.

But that's in the past, I don't think Russia is a superpower
in terms of literature and international publishing *today*.
With their very educated population there should be a big
_internal_ market that to some extent is near-international
(their diaspora or otherwise Russian readers in Ukraine,
Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan etc). But I think it is nothing,
virtually, compared to NYC where all the European publishing
powerhouses reside (and the US market for that matter), these
guys probably think they are kings or something ... well, some
of the books they publish are awesome, no doubt, so maybe they
earned it? *hesitant*

I've said like one decade now we should have an essay or
coffee table book on Emacs, called the "Emacs World", a super
polished product with screenshot and tables of all thinkable
data, that would be one way to get back at them, for sure!
But it could also be a unique, cool product. There are TONS of
money in the book business and that is reachable without
a huge effort (write one book page a day, you have a heft book
in one year). I happen to know from my biblio-intelligence
software biblio-int.el that there are public libraries all over
the world that have bookshelf after bookshelf with computer
books in English, most often without a single book on Emacs.
The last time I brought up the idea I got the response they
should get the Emacs manual! Ha :) Well, I agree, they should,
however clearly it doesn't work like this.

Here are a bunch of books that are good, except for one, which
is horrible, yeah, you guessed it, RMS's "semi-biography"
written by a "non-programmer" :D Well, I laugh because it is
sad. Assange's book is also poor, but not as bad. The rest are
OK or good, and in particular 'Generation 500' (Amiga),
'Generation 64' (C64), and the one first mentioned,
'A Quarter Century of UNIX' could be used as templates what we
could do with Emacs, easily.

Here are some book-related resources that might interest
someone, maybe:

%%%% computer culture

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  isbn       = 0201547775,
  publisher  = {Addison-Wesley},
  title      = {A Quarter Century of UNIX},
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  title      = {Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary},
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  author     = {Jimmy Wilhelmsson},
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  author     = {Richard Stallman and Sam Williams},
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%%%% Apple

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  author     = {Steve Wozniak},
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Re: Russia, they are a superpower in terms of their military
strength, both as employed by them and because of their
defence industry, Rosoboronexport (Russian Arms Export,

Another industry/area where they are absolutely top notch is
space! Even the US guys were mere passengers aboard their
Sojuz shuttles ever since cancelling their own space shuttle
programs. But maybe the US guys are returning to the field?
(or sphere I guess :))

That's it I'm afraid, weapons (both their own employment of
them and exporting them) and space, or am I wrong?
Natural resources are good but they don't really impress the
man on the street this day and age, sorry.

> Samizdat was their equivalent of the free software movement
> long before its application by Stallman.

I like the connection, didn't think of that, but even so the
past is the past. Past merits, while no one can take them away
from you, last 2 years, tops, typically...

underground experts united

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