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Re: Using Emacs for business

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Using Emacs for business
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2021 03:18:19 +0300
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* Emanuel Berg via Users list for the GNU Emacs text editor 
<> [2021-07-06 23:42]:
> > It is just a generational trail.
> It is reality.

Reality of "now", and now changes always. 

> Python isn't that new BTW, it is from 1991 (CL is from 1984,
> Elisp from 1985).

As of this time now, I would not have any benefit of going into
that. My needs are satisfied with Emacs Lisp, it does so much. When I
need something for the server there is Common Lisp or Chicken, MIT
Scheme, etc. It is not hard to re-write from Common Lisp to Emacs
Lisp, vice versa, even to Scheme. Not so with other types of languages
without parenthesis.

Look, if there are parenthesis it is futile to recommend me. Problem
is in the mind's automatic expectation of parenthesis, and then there
are delays, I start writing something and then I wait.... parenthesis
not automatically appearing... and I wait... I get confused. 
(づ◔ ͜ʖ◔)づ

> > Still I find that it is so much better relying on offline
> > resources like books than online references.
> Even so, but there is much, much more on Python than on Lisp.
> Go to the local techno-science bookshop and count.

I am in the under-developed part of the world. To enter the public
library I am passing soldiers with kalashnikovs ready to even undress
me if necessary. And it is smaller than library in Germany in
Münsingen bei Reutlingen. I don't think there is anything about Python
there, maybe there is something about programming.

It is maybe in Sweden.

I don't think it matters. We have been programming in a computer club
without any manuals, neither access to Internet, there was just
nothing. We did not even know all possible BASIC commands, we had to
peek and poke to find them first! Then by testing we found what some
of them do. Some games were manually modified by using peek and poke
for 65536 times until the lives have been broken, a single memory
address had to be changed multiple times, game restarted and verified
if there is any change, totally blind modifications. The CPU
declaration we got from the local army headquarters, it was treated
like intelligence. We could get the sense of what computer can do from
TV only and games and duplicated and created upon it whatever we
could. Then I learned that PC computers come with the GW-BASIC book
and MS-DOS -- and since then I use books as references.

> But it isn't about what you do or what language you prefer how
> how you go about using it. It is something that can be counted
> and compared. There is much, much more on Python both
> digitally and available as books and anything else you can
> think of. It just has a much stronger position than Lisp.

I am sure, though, I have zero personal use from there. Switching is
expensive. My workflow works well, everything is integrated and
getting more and more integrated. I would gladly like to build some
better interface for Hyperscope Dynamic Knowledge Repository but I
don't have ready GUI.

> > Get real... help me get real with a concrete example that
> > may replace the tabulated-list-mode in some other language.
> > I would need the features from that mode with keybindings.
> > Do you have an example?
> You are in for the language war, but I'm not.

Definitely not. My question is real. If you know a listing, like
spreadsheed like universal GUI where I can make keybindings as I wish,
I would like to know about it.

> It isn't about what language you or I prefer or which is best
> according to some ... way of comparing them, I guess? It is about
> what other people use. People use Python to a large extent, and Lisp
> to a very small extent. In the business world, the same holds, only
> even more so...

Maybe, but I don't make my business how others make it. Maybe I would,
but my workflow is specific, so nothing that other people do is not
related to me as we have individual needs.


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