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Re: Using Emacs for business

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Using Emacs for business
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2021 22:41:21 +0200
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Jean Louis wrote:

>> But not elite as in big bucks I'm afraid. You can go ask
>> people working with computers to make money everywhere, but
>> also young, ambitious people who study CS around the world
>> at the universities. All of them will have some experience
>> from Python, almost, but only a few (of the university
>> guys) will be Lispers.
> It is just a generational trail.

It is reality.

Python isn't that new BTW, it is from 1991 (CL is from 1984,
Elisp from 1985).

> Maybe in Sweden. Not everywhere on the planet universities
> advance or progress.

Well, Sweden has a strong history as an IT nation, this should
be a US thing rather, to a large extent.

> Still I find that it is so much better relying on offline
> resources like books than online references.

Even so, but there is much, much more on Python than on Lisp.
Go to the local techno-science bookshop and count.

> btw. I don't "google" as it is not a verb, I use other
> search engines, I search

... :)

> What you said "try to do same with Lisp" -- actually I have
> tried and I have got so much less dependencies on outside
> libraries. [...]

But it isn't about what you do or what language you prefer how
how you go about using it. It is something that can be counted
and compared. There is much, much more on Python both
digitally and available as books and anything else you can
think of. It just has a much stronger position than Lisp.

> Get real... help me get real with a concrete example that
> may replace the tabulated-list-mode in some other language.
> I would need the features from that mode with keybindings.
> Do you have an example?

You are in for the language war, but I'm not. It isn't about
what language you or I prefer or which is best according to
some ... way of comparing them, I guess? It is about what
other people use. People use Python to a large extent, and
Lisp to a very small extent. In the business world, the same
holds, only even more so...

underground experts united

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