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Re: Build Emacs without Lisp?

From: Dan Espen
Subject: Re: Build Emacs without Lisp?
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2016 22:59:46 -0400
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Jeffrey Walton <address@hidden> writes:

>> You still haven't really said what that task is. If you need Emacs and
>> only emacs, then you or someone has to fix the build. If you need a
>> general purpose text editor, then try another one that does support your
>> platform. GNU ed will probably run an it has a much simpler build.
> My task is to edit files with emacs. I'm not an Emacs expert. I know
> it better than Vi, so that's what I use.
> I guessed the failed self tests were due to Lisp, but it was only a
> guess. I don't use Lisp so I'm happy to test a build without it.
> If you don't mind me asking, why do you think I am here trying to
> figure out how to work around a broken emacs builds? What do you think
> I am trying to do with emacs other than edit files?

The link you previously posted bears looking at:

You are using something seriously misnamed and it's causing confusion:

The port is described as:

s390 (S/390 and zSeries) First officially released with Debian 3.0.
This is a port to IBM S/390 servers.

z/Series hasn't been called S/390 in ages.
We should all assume you are running Debian on a current
zSeries machine with a current z/OS release.

If so, it appears you want to run Emacs on the mainframe to
edit some of the files on the mainframe.

You don't explain where you wish Emacs to open a window.
Terminals are usually not directly connected to a z/Series
machine.  I guess we can assume you plan to telnet/rlogin/ssh
from a Windows terminal (perhaps Putty?).  That would be
Emacs with TTY support.

You are also not clear about which mainframe files you wish
to access.  If you stick to the Debian files (names starting with "/",
you should be okay with that part.  z/OS native files will be
a problem with Emacs, you really need to FTP the file to
get z/OS fixed and variable length records in a format Emacs
can deal with.

You should enable core dumps:

ulimit -c unlimited

run the build again and see if you get a core file.

Then run:

dbx path-to-temacs path-to-core-file

I know you said the debugger doesn't work, but sometimes
to solve one problem, you have to solve another.

If I've guessed wrong on what you are trying to do,
please try to give relevant, complete descriptions.

Dan Espen

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