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Re: Build Emacs without Lisp?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Build Emacs without Lisp?
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2016 01:25:44 +0200
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Jeffrey Walton <address@hidden> writes:

>> You still haven't really said what that task
>> is. If you need Emacs and only emacs, then
>> you or someone has to fix the build. If you
>> need a general purpose text editor, then try
>> another one that does support your platform.
>> GNU ed will probably run an it has a much
>> simpler build.
> My task is to edit files with emacs. I'm not
> an Emacs expert. I know it better than Vi, so
> that's what I use.

Yes, but why do you want to do it on a 26 year
old mainframe that doesn't seem to support it?

I mean, yeah, it is a cool project. But if it
is a cool project, there is no reason to be
frustrated about it. Solve it all in due

> If you don't like the policy, then I suggest
> you take it up with the Debian folks.
> I'm happy to elide the support because my
> plate is too full as it is.

I run Emacs on my Raspberry Pi, thank you,
which runs Raspbian (a Debian derivative) -
here, installing Emacs is just a matter of

    $ sudo aptitude install emacs24

If you are on a Debian fork as well, did you
try that?

If you aren't, get the Emacs source from the
web and install it manually.

If it doesn't work, what error message do you
get? Post it here as well as in the S/390
groups and see what happens, is what I would
do, for sure!

> I guessed the failed self tests were due to
> Lisp, but it was only a guess. I don't use
> Lisp so I'm happy to test a build without it.

Again, there is no Emacs without Lisp. E.g., if
you do `C-x C-f' for `find-file' this is
a defun on line 1420 in


which is LISP! (gzipped Elisp, to be exact)

There is no "I use Emacs but not Lisp"!

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