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Re: Build Emacs without Lisp?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Build Emacs without Lisp?
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2016 00:22:10 +0200
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Jeffrey Walton <address@hidden> writes:

>> Are you on some uncommon platform where you
>> have to compile everything manually or why
>> don't you just use the distro's package
>> manager to install it?
> Yes. I'm in a Debian QEMU/Chroot for S/390x

S/390x - is that the IBM ESA/390 mainframe of
the 90s?

Really? You have one at home?

> For completeness, I suspect the problems in
> this thread are the reason Emacs is not
> available for S/390: (1) Bash is broken, so
> it fails self tests; and (2) GDB is broken so
> no one can investigate why.


(1) there are other ways to debug than GDB;

(2) if bash is broken, see what other shells
are around (e.g., sh, dash, even zsh) - it
shouldn't be that hard to change any
bash-specifics; and

(3) is bash really required to install Emacs?

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