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Re: Delete Help Window - restore window config

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Re: Delete Help Window - restore window config
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 09:43:39 -0900
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* Tory S. Anderson <> [150128 06:34]:

> is this not just the kind of thing "Winner mode" is made for? e.g.
> I can have a complex 4-window setup with side-by-side code
> comparison, directory listing, and my to-do list; I pull up GNUs
> and it's all demolished; I use 'winner-undo' and my complex
> 4-frame arrangement is all back, including viewing the same
> buffers. 
> AFAIK, it meets your compatibility criteria. 
> In my init: 
>     (winner-mode 1)
> Of course, further customizations are possible. 
  It turns out that winner-mode is what I was looking for. I didn't
  even know that it was part of emacs 24, thanks for the tip, Tory.
tim at tee jay forty nine dot com or akwebsoft dot com,

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