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Re: Delete Help Window - restore window config

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Re: Delete Help Window - restore window config
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 07:34:14 -0900
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* Tim Johnson <> [150127 19:33]:
> I'm using emacs 24.4.1 primarily on Mac OS X. I use both terminal
> mode and aquamacs but I will conclude my request with further
> criteria.
> Example : I have 'Control-C i' as a keybinding prefix, I can't
> remember all of the functions bound to that prefix.
Lots of good replies. Keep 'em coming.... 

Drew has talked about his icicles mode before, gotta check that one
out closely as it may have further utility for me.....

tim at tee jay forty nine dot com or akwebsoft dot com,

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