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octave: menus on figure windows not responsive

From: Alan Barnett
Subject: octave: menus on figure windows not responsive
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 12:53:13 -0500
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I'm running octave 3.8.1, emacs, and Ubuntu 24.04.
I loaded the latest version of octave.el.
I am able to run octave from emacs as an inferior process using the run-octave command.

I have a problem with the graphics. When I use the "plot" command, a window opens and the plot appears correctly, The problem is that neither pulldown menus on the plot window nor the "x", "minimize", and "fullscreen" buttons in the upper right of the window frame are sensitive. I therefore cannot close the window. I can move and resize the window using the mouse, but when I resize the window, the plot size doesn't change. In addition, I cannot open more than one window at a time; if I use the "figure" command to open a new plot window, the old one closes.

Has anyone else noticed this bug?  Is there a fix?

Alan Barnett
Imaging Physicst

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