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Delete Help Window - restore window config

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Delete Help Window - restore window config
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 18:57:37 -0900
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I'm using emacs 24.4.1 primarily on Mac OS X. I use both terminal
mode and aquamacs but I will conclude my request with further

Example : I have 'Control-C i' as a keybinding prefix, I can't
remember all of the functions bound to that prefix.

I press 'Control-C i Control h' and I get a help window. After
refreshing my memory, I want to restore the window arrangement that
existed previous to the display of the help window.

I have the following preference:
| To be be accomplished with a simple function. |
| (this may not prove to be possible, however)  |

If despite my initial request, this need is deemed best met with a
package, I will outline the criteria that I have for my emacs
configuration. Hopefully any package recommendations will take that
criteria into consideration.

1)My emacs configuration must perform completely without a pointing
device (even 'tho one might be used).

2)My emacs configuration must perform completely within terminal
mode (even 'tho gui mode may be used also).

3)Two different basic window layouts will be used - 4 windows on a
desktop, 1 or 2 windows on a netbook (using SSH). Exceptions could
be considered.

4)Little or no reliance on frames.

Thanks in advance.
tim at tee jay forty nine dot com or akwebsoft dot com,

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