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Re: emms help

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: emms help
Date: 1 Mar 2007 18:04:59 -0800
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On Mar 1, 9:10 am, Hadron <address@hidden> wrote:
> Can someone help me use emms-browser please.
> I assumed I would just call it and point it to a directory, but it just
> opens with a blank buffer. If I expand it (1-4 keys) it just sits there
> with the mouse cursor spinning. I tried switching it to "dired" mode,
> but then I just had a pure dired with no emms functionality
> available. I'm assuming, and no surprise, that there is something wrong
> with my setup?
> I have a playlist file and can play from that.
> Also, is there a way for emms to default to a playlist or to list
> available playlists?
> thanks for any helping hands to get me going with emms.

I had trouble getting emms working too.  Try <a href="http://>bongo</a>, it seems to be a
little friendlier to playlists, and *slightly* better documented.

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