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Re: emms help

From: Hadron
Subject: Re: emms help
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 13:08:55 +0100
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Jay Belanger <address@hidden> writes:

> Hadron <address@hidden> writes:
> ...
>> Yup. In emacs world, people sometimes forget the little guy and the fact
>> that not everyone has the time or patience to read a whole lisp manual
>> to do something as mundane as expect a function called "emms-browser" to
>> actually "browse" the top level of a directory tree.
> Directories aren't the only things that are browsed; in this case a
> cache is browsed.  Reading the whole info file for emms isn't
> necessary; the "Basic commands" page should get you started listening
> to music.  That page contains plenty of "emms-play-..." commands.
> But it wouldn't be a bad idea (in my opinion) if when emms tries to
> browse an empty cache a short help screen popped up; something like
>   Welcome to EMMS.
>   The emms cache, which contains the songs that emms can browse, is
>   currently empty.  To populate it, you may wish to use one of the
>   following commands:
>   M-x emms-add-directory-tree:  Add all music files contained in a
>       directory or its subdirectories.

This just returns that there are no songs in the top level - it seems to
ignore the "tree" bit ...

>   M-x emms-add-directory:  Add all music files contained in a directory.
>   M-x emms-add-file:  Add a single music file.
>   etc."
> Jay


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