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Re: ps-pring questions

From: thorne
Subject: Re: ps-pring questions
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 18:30:36 -0800
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thorne <address@hidden> writes:

> 1.  Is there a way (in Emacs lisp) to set not just the font family,
> but the font style (bold, etc) of header lines?  It seems to be
> defaulting to bold, but looking at the code, i haven't figured out
> where it's getting this.
> 2.  Related: is there a way to get ps-print to use a different font
> style default for the whole document?  My .emacs has a customize line
> that sets the default font style to semi-bold for all buffers so i can
> see it, but i'd rather ps-print treated the default as regular,
> non-bold.  Any idea how to do this?  Can default font properties be
> set in a buffer-local way?

Well, i figured out an answer for the first two questions, at least
for my purposes.  Use font family 'Foo for everything and do something

(setq ps-font-info-database
           (normal . "Courier")
           (bold . "Courier")
           (italic . "Courier")
           (bold-italic . "Courier"))
          (size . 10.0)
          (line-height . 10.55)
          (space-width . 6.0)
          (avg-char-width . 6.0)))

But i'm still working on:

> 3.  Is there a way to get ps-print to suppress the header for the
> first page of the output only?

and a new one:

4.  I have figured out how to get a page number with
"/pagenumberstring load" in the header, but lets say i wanted the line
to look like "Page 4"?  If it try something like

(set (make-local-variable 'ps-right-header)
     (list "(Page ) /pagenumberstring load"))

gv gives me a postscript error and won't load the file.  Any ideas how
i could accomplish this?

þ    theron tlax    þ

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