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Re: [h-e-w] EMACSW32 and Windows 7 Win+Arrow Shortcuts

From: Gary Oberbrunner
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] EMACSW32 and Windows 7 Win+Arrow Shortcuts
Date: Tue, 08 May 2012 10:08:22 -0400 (EDT)

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> From: "Matthew Fidler" <address@hidden>
> Gary,
> There are ways to start emacs without using EmacsW32. I believe the
> -a option in emacsclient now works correctly.
> What are the proper exit statues you are talking about?

Hi Matt. Perhaps this was only ever an emacsW32 bug, and/or maybe it was fixed 
long ago. I don't have current source here (guess I should), but basically, 
emacsclientw exits with a random exit status when called from a win32 window 
app (such as emacs itself).

At the time, the symptom was easy to reproduce.  In a shell window inside emacs 
(I use cygwin zsh, but any shell will work), run
  emacsclient foo || echo BAD
then C-x # to close the server buffer, and then look back in the shell window:
% emacsclientw foo || echo BAD
Waiting for Emacs...

> I have also come up with a method to start emacs, register a few
> things like right-click edit with Emacs and org-protocol links

It would certainly be nice if Emacs came with a decent set of registry keys and 
start menu shortcuts so that it (client) would _just work_ without hand-editing 
registry or creating start menu shortcuts.  If your code can be run after 
unpacking a standard nightly build on a fresh machine and it finishes setting 
up Emacs, I bet a lot of people would use it.  For me at least, that 
integration was the biggest draw of W32Emacs over stock.

I guess I should try again with stock emacsclient/emacsclientw and see how 
things have progressed.

Gary Oberbrunner

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