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[h-e-w] EMACSW32 and Windows 7 Win+Arrow Shortcuts

From: Adam Golding
Subject: [h-e-w] EMACSW32 and Windows 7 Win+Arrow Shortcuts
Date: Mon, 7 May 2012 03:33:55 -0400

Hi, Just installed EMACSW32 on windows 7, and with all options set to EMACSW32 mode, the shortcuts like "Win+Right" etc that move windows around don't work on the EMACSW32 window, and with them all disabled, there is still an anomaly: when I press "Win+Right" the top of the EMACSW32 window is too low and cannot be dragged up to the top of the screen--it's off by about a third of the height of a title bar.

I haven't determined which setting is interfering with the hotkeys, but certainly the emacsw32 default modes should allow the use of these keys :-)
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