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Re: [GWhere-discussion] Encoding under Windows and Linux

From: Zero
Subject: Re: [GWhere-discussion] Encoding under Windows and Linux
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 00:39:06 +0200 (CEST)
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On Lun 17 avril 2006 13:13, fuzzy2 a écrit :
> Hello everybody.
> I am using GWhere 0.2.1 under Windows XP SP2 and Mandriva Linux 2006
simultaneously. Program is very fine and fast, but I have a problem (I
hope somebody already solve it, but I can't find solution in archive). I
live in Russia, so I have discs with files named using (at least) 2
languates - English and Russian. I created a catalog under Linux and
> some discs into it. After this I have successfully read this catalog
> Windows and also added some discs into it. One disc with russian
description and file names (encoding cp1251) was added under Windows and
now I can see it normally only under Windows. When I open catalog under
Linux, I see only "?" instead of every russian letter. Also when I try
> add russian text under Linux I can't do it - program simply doesn't
display any russian character that I typed on keyboard.
> I suppose that I have to say GWhere what font and encoding to use, but I
don't know how to do it. Could anybody give me advice how to see russian
letters in GWhere under Linux? (Russian descriptions were included in
catalog under Windows and I can see it under Windows).
> Thank you in advance.
How did you install GWhere under GNU/Linux ?
I think that russians letters are only supported with GTK+ 2.x. So you
should install GWhere from sources with theses commands lines :
./configure --enable-gtk20
make install

Thank you for your interest in GWhere ! So, I hope to quickly solve your
font problem.
Best regards,


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