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Re: [GWhere-discussion] Project current status

From: zero
Subject: Re: [GWhere-discussion] Project current status
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 11:52:49 +0200 (CEST)
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Hi Alejandro and list,

I'm sorry for my too long silence...

Alejandro Ríos Peña wrote:
> I was wondering about the state of GWhere. Are you still working on it?
Do you think this effort is not useful anymore? have you moved to
another project with a similar function?
GWhere was paused because I moved house six months ago. Since my devel
computer for GWhere is still in the paperboards. Moveover I'm working on
others projects like

But GWhere is not dead. I think, I'm going to publish new release with
bugs fix and new translation soon.

Are you interested by GWhere as user or contributor ?

Thanks you for your interest in GWhere !
Now, I hope to be more present. :-)
Best regards,


GWhere - Another way to manage your catalogs!!

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