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Re[2]: [GWhere-discussion] Encoding under Windows and Linux

From: fuzzy2
Subject: Re[2]: [GWhere-discussion] Encoding under Windows and Linux
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 13:02:49 +0400 (MSD)

Hello, Zero.

>How did you install GWhere under GNU/Linux ?
I had installed GWhere from rpm package. (I got it from

>I think that russians letters are only supported with GTK+ 2.x. So you
>should install GWhere from sources with theses commands lines :
>./configure --enable-gtk20
>make install

I have made all described actions successfully. After re-installation GWhere 
from sources I got following behaviour:

1. I still see only '?' signs instead of all russian text in catalog (that was 
created under Windows).

2. No I can type russian letters under Linux (I can't do it before). But it 
doesn't helps. If I try to create catalog with russian name then program didn't 
respond to 'OK' key in window 'New catalog'. (If catalog name is in english 
than all is ok). If I try to add CD with russian description than program 
suggest me to ender disk description and accepts only english description again 
(If I typed in russian description then window with question appeared again).

Could you give me some more advices?
Or may be I can help you to test this behaviour?

Best regards,
Vladislav Titov

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