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Re: Grub2 can not detect usb disk

From: Rock Cui
Subject: Re: Grub2 can not detect usb disk
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2011 11:00:52 +0800
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1. I have tried the "--with-platform=multiboot" option, but when booting it show me:
Welcome to GRUB!
out of memory
2. The /dev/mem you need , how can I get it? I want it should be from the "/" , then I must enter the ubuntu. So I use the grub1.98 as coreboot payload and boot my ubuntu11.04. But when I copy the /dev/mem to a log file with "sudo",
I was told “You can not do it!” : (

On 30.06.2011 04:38, Cui Lei wrote:
I have found the the last version which can boot my machine,  it is
the r2348. The r2349 can not boot it.
So I checked out the changelog from 2348 to 2349 :

Ironically I did it because i386-coreboot didn't work in my tests. Could
you send me the first 128K of /dev/mem ? Meanwhile you can try
i386-multiboot port.

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