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Re: Grub2 can not detect usb disk

From: Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko
Subject: Re: Grub2 can not detect usb disk
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 13:08:03 +0200
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On 28.06.2011 12:02, Cui Lei wrote:
> Sorry , I don't know what the meaning of the "bisect" and how to do?
> Could you tell me some message in detail ?
You take a revision which doesn't work (1.99rc2 = r3229)  and a working
one (1.98 = r2249). Then you try a revision in the middle, e.g. r2749.
If it works the error is in the range 2749..3229, otherwise in
2249..2749, then you try a revision inside this range and in 10 steps
you'll have the exact revision which causes your problem.
> Thanks a lot.
> BRs,
> Rock.
>> On 28.06.2011 10:45, Rock Cui wrote:
>>> I had tried to use the grub1.99rc2 as a payload of coreboot at the
>>> beginning, but it can not boot my machine,
>> Could you try to bisect? Recent bzr worked fine in qemu+coreboot. Your
>> machine may present some special aspect and bisect is probably the
>> fastest way in your case.
>>> so I changed to 1.98
>> As I said USB support in 1.98 wasn't good enough. Basically it worked
>> only in qemu.
>>> , then booting succeed. I want to insmod the uhci.mod and usbms.mod to
>>> support USB,
>>> but they are not exit in my build folder. If I run "configure" with
>>> "--with-platform=pc", they will be there, but
>>> with "--with-platform=coreboot", I can not found them. I don't know
>>> what should I do to get them for i386-coreboot, so I use the two
>>> modules which were built with "--with-platform=pc" in my payload.elf.
>> USB modules weren't enabled in 1.98 on coreboot.
>>> Surprising, they can be insmoded and run in the grub-shell , but
>>> unfortunately, I got those logs, they can not
>>> work.
>> it's already surprising they didn't crash GRUB altogether.
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Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko

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