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Re: [Groff] UTP Project - To what end?

From: Meg McRoberts
Subject: Re: [Groff] UTP Project - To what end?
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 22:38:24 -0700 (PDT)

> True. But there's all this material in the book other than *roff --
> vi,
> ex, awk and the bunch of ubiquitous Un*x utilities like grep, sort,
> cut,
> paste ... Text processing on Un*x is almost unthinkable without them.
> And, most of these tools are still confined to Un*x. So, unless we
> decide to exclude them from the revised version altogether, we don't
> have much of a choice about the title, do we?

I need to look at this book but I'm inclined to think that
the revised book should be a groff book and remove the other
pieces.  I am assuming that it will be published on the web
and not actually put into hardcover, so if we do a series of
small docs, it doesn't matter.

If we don't remove the other stuff, we need to fold in emacs,
Xemacs, vim, and who knows what else?  The task could become
overwhelming.  The UTP was written at a time when all this was
new and it made sense to combine it all together.

I could envision a fairly short document that perhaps gives an
overview of all the UNIX TP facilities and how they work together,
but not try to be comprehensive about any of them.  Just a little
getting started piece that shows how some common pieces work
together and then points to the other docs for a comprehensive
list of all the options for the different utilities.

It would be good to understand exactly how we plan to publish
whatever is done.  Personally, I'd like to see everything built
into HTML and put together on a searchable website.  We should
provide a printable version of all docs, but I think a lot of
people would just view them online.


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