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Re: [Groff] UTP markup

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [Groff] UTP markup
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 00:00:01 +0200 (CEST)

> > Many, or perhaps most of us just use the prebuilt binaries that
> > come with Linux, *BSD, or whatever.  However, some on the list do
> > build their own binaries to keep up with the latest release.  If
> > you describe the problems you're having, I'm sure someone can
> > help.
> I haven't been able to find these on my system -- I'm running
> Caldera OpenLinux, and I have the source files but don't seem to
> have built text.  For example, I did "locate meintro" and found the
> file in my groff-current directory and one in the
> /usr/share/doc/packages/groff-1.16.1 directory.  I issued a make in
> that directory and bombed out fast.

Here a quick guide how to get the latest, greatest documentation of

  . Download

  . Unpack it with

      tar xzvf groff-current.tar.gz

  . Change into the just extracted groff directory and say


    This step will build most of the documentation in both ps and html
    format; additionally, the groff texinfo manual is converted into
    the `info' format.

  . If you like, say

      make install

    to install both the groff binaries as well as the documentation
    (including the info files).  By default, groff installs into
    /usr/local -- this shouldn't overwrite your distribution's groff
    which is in /usr.

  . Change into groff's `doc' directory and enter one of

      make groff.dvi
      make groff.pdf
      make groff.html

    to get the groff texinfo manual in various formats.  The produced
    dvi file can be converted further to ps with

      dvips -P cmz -o groff.dvi

Hope this helps


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