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[Groff] UTP project - To what end?

From: Manas Laha
Subject: [Groff] UTP project - To what end?
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 17:24:53 +0530

Meg McRoberts wrote:
> Very cool!  So what is the plan?  Are you going to include formatted
> text with the groff distributions, use the groff HTML-generation
> to publish it on the web, or something else?  Is the goal to preserve
> the classic as closely as possible or to use it as a basis for a
> book about groff that is written for our time?

These questions are at the back of all our minds, I'm sure.

Having gone to the trouble of giving the original UTP a new lease of
life, it would be a real pity if it were not brought up to date. The
updated version could be just the right answer to the long felt need for
a modern book on unix text processing, including groff. But this is
surely going to be harder than just reviving the original.

What does everyone say?

- Manas Laha

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