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[Groff] UTP Project - To what end?

From: Manas Laha
Subject: [Groff] UTP Project - To what end?
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 09:21:07 +0530

Larry Kollar wrote:
> My thought, a couple of weeks ago, was "does the title
> 'Unix Text Processing' even apply anymore?" First, TeX
> and Lout exists & have their partisans. Second, groff
> has escaped the Un*x boundaries; there are Windows versions
> (both native and Cygwin) and MacOS X includes it (although
> at that point, it's really a straight Un*x app again).

True. But there's all this material in the book other than *roff -- vi,
ex, awk and the bunch of ubiquitous Un*x utilities like grep, sort, cut,
paste ... Text processing on Un*x is almost unthinkable without them.
And, most of these tools are still confined to Un*x. So, unless we
decide to exclude them from the revised version altogether, we don't
have much of a choice about the title, do we?

> But first things first. Before we can really do a good job
> of modernizing UTP, we need to get the text & markup
> finished. I'm hoping we don't all get so distracted by the
> future that we get bogged down in the present. :-) But once
> we finish reviving the original, everything is in play as
> far as I'm concerned -- including the title.

Absolutely. Unless the markup gets done, all this talk about what to do
after that is of course meaningless.

- Manas Laha

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