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Re: Ublox and GPSD 3.22

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: Ublox and GPSD 3.22
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2022 09:57:01 -0700

Yo Jeff!

On Thu, 30 Jun 2022 06:26:59 -0400
Jeff Curtis <> wrote:

> I am using GPSD on both buster and bullseye on raspberry pi 4 boards.
>  I am using the standard version that’s included in the distribution.
>  On buster the package is 3.17 and on Bullseye its 3.22.

3.17 is 5 years old.  3.22 is 18 months old.  Best to avoid those.

>  I have some
> cheap UBLOX 6 serial gps clones from amazon (gt-u7) which work ok on
> Buster. Under Bullseye, once the device is configured in ublox mode,

u-blox 6 is over 10 years old, and is GPS only.  For the same price you
can do much better.

> the Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude are not updated in the JSON
> messages, but the ECEF values are.

How did you set u-blox binary mode?  How did you look at the JSON?

>  Using gpsmon I can see the

gpsmon is a deprecated, unmatinined debug tool.  Only for develoopers.
Use cgps or xgps instead.

> The only way I can get the JSON to show the updates is to
> use -p switch when starting GPSD.

Then you are doing some weird configuration of the device.

> I am still trying to build the
> latest, to see if that will fix the problem I am having, but I am
> running into some other issues.

We can't debug what we can't see.  Send here the FULL build log.  Did
you follow the build instructions in build.adoc?

> Has anyone seen anything similar? Why
> would gpsmon see the information update but not cgps/xgps? Thanks Jeff

gpsmon has its own, broken, decoder for u-blox raw.

If you send us the raw data you see then someone can look at it:
        gpspipe -R -x 20 > log.raw

Then send here log.raw.  As well as how you configured the device.

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